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Welcome! We're Kevin, Johnny, Mark and Mikey. Four best mates who are "Passionate about Performing".

We pride ourselves on being the most entertaining and personable band possible, interacting with your guests and choosing our sets to include songs that will reach everyone in the room. Above all, our friendship shines through our performances. We love what we do, and feel that if we're having fun – so are you, and vice versa!

We met when we were young, fresh faced performers in Clydebank Musical Society. Over the years, we've performed in various musicals from 'The Wizard of Oz' to "All Shook Up". We later joined Pantheon Theatre Group in Glasgow, performing in various roles in The Kings Theatre and other top Glasgow venues.

In 2011, we were asked to perform some songs for a family friend and (little did we know at the time) this would lead to the creation of “The Singer Swingers”.

After a 7-year run, Kevin decided to hang up his mic duties and we were delighted to welcome Johnny into the band. Johnny's another great mate of ours and fantastic performer who we know from our musical-theatre days. He was also the lead singer in Kevin's wedding band; can't get a better recommendation than that! 

Johnny, Mark & Mikey now make up our regular line-up, with the band performing as a duo or trio. Kevin keeps his hand in as our more-than-able deputy - so you'll still find him popping up from time to time!

In 2020, after years of being mistaken as "just a swing band" and introduced as odd names like, “Single Swingers” and “Swinging Sisters” (no, seriously) we decided to change our name to “The Brammers”.

The name’s changed, but what we do remains the same. We constantly work hard to refine our sets and are constantly adding to our repertoire to keep it up to date with songs, old and new, that we know will get our crowds on their feet.

We perform at weddings, parties and corporate events throughout Scotland, all year round.

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